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Have you written a will?

A simple question that led to a lot of thinking!

Have you written a will?

Is there a best time to write a will, should it be when you get married, or buy your first house, birth of a child, death of a parent, who knows?

Apparently we should all have one as soon as we are an adult, so 18, then update at all changes of circumstances – have any of us actually done this?

When it comes to planning our demise we are reluctant to think about it let alone do something but if you don’t your wishes may not be taken into account.

Unless you have a complicated financial or domestic situation where legal advice is required, then writing a will is a relatively simple thing to do but to ensure your wishes are taken on board you may need more, contact us we can help.

Once done you have peace of mind that what you want to happen, will happen but remember if your circumstances change you should always review your will.

What has this got to do with tax planning – planning all aspects of our lives can save not just money but any ambiguity on how we want to live our lives and beyond and provide our families with an easy way to deal with our affairs when we are no longer there.

That one question also led on to more thinking and planning for the future but that’s for another time!

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