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Stamp Duty

It is commonly assumed that Stamp Duty Land Tax is applicable to all property acquisitions. What many are unaware of however, is that there are many forms of tax planning that are all perfectly legal and in line with the legislation that regulates and governs Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).
Master Solutions work with a niche firm of specialist tax consultants that are experts at reducing your overall SDLT and advising on other property related tax scenarios. They have an exceptional amount of expertise when it comes to effective tax planning products for property purchases:

• Property tax advice
• Tax efficient solutions to property transactions
• Stamp Duty Land Tax planning and mitigation
• Advice on Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings


Reducing your Stamp Duty Land Tax

Land and property transactions in the UK come with a requirement to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax. The amount charged differs depending on the type and value of the property involved in the transaction, if your purchase exceeds £1,000,000 we may be able to help mitigate the stamp duty.