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Personalised tax management

We pride ourselves on offering a genuinely personalised tax management service to each and every one of our clients. The vast majority of the people we work with have been with us for many years, giving us the pleasure of watching them and their businesses grow and paying the least amount of tax.
That’s why we don’t do things in the traditional way. We don’t shut our doors at 5:30 each evening and we’re not afraid to go the extra mile. In fact it’s quite the opposite – we positively welcome our clients to contact us AT ANY REASONABLE TIME if they need help or support and we’re always happy to give it.
Lots of experience means that whilst we get to complain about our ages, it also means that we have seen practically every type of tax saving solution.

Extensive knowledge of tax solutions

Owning and running financial businesses, offering accountancy and independent financial advice, it became apparent that there was a need for clear, relevant tax saving and planning advice and Master Solutions has accumulated experience and expertise in finding new and innovative tax planning specialists to introduce to our clients.
You too could also benefit from this exclusive source of tax saving and planning to help you easily deal with the challenges of getting a mortgage, dealing with stamp duty land tax, buying a house, retaining more of your income, planning for the future and much more so do contact us. We can help you.

About us at  Master Solutions

Alex Dann has many years in business as an independent financial advisor and owner of an accountancy firm and huge experience of dealing with client’s affairs whilst Gill Cross has been the voice and administrator of Master Solutions, and other companies, dealing with the clients and the business on a day to day basis. We have concentrated our experience and skills into Master Solutions.

The personal service we offer is to assess your needs and reveal new ways of providing elegant solutions to your taxing problems as effectively as we can, because we want all our clients to benefit from a higher retained income. Today, Master Solutions works with a network of tax planning specialists to offer their clients the very best tax saving solutions that there are and they welcome you to contact them to find out more.