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New Legacy Planning Service

New Legacy Planning Service

Talk to us about legacy planning because life is full of ‘What If’s’

It’s not just about what you have and who you want to leave it to.

Thousands of families every year suffer loss or dilution of inheritance due to eventualities that affect most families at some point.

We have trained as barrister intermediaries and are members of the Legal Services Guild. We can help you

  • Consider everything that could affect your wishes
  • Be aware of all your options
  • Make an informed choice

A Barrister Intermediary is able to access the right help and representation from one of the Barristers or specialist Solicitors at Legal Services Guild.

There are circumstances when a Will is not enough

  • Remarriage of a surviving spouse following the death of their husband or wife
  • Divorce of a beneficiary
  • Premature death of beneficiary
  • The introduction of step-children or step-grandchildren.
  • A desire to mitigate Probate costs & delays
  • Challenge from someone excluded
  • Reducing the impact of Inheritance Tax
  • Maintaining control over what happens

To ensure that what you have goes to who you want when you want, you need a process that will help you with the Planning provide Choice, Certainty and Protection.
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