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Straightforward mortgages for contractors and professionals

Finding mortgages for contractors and self employed professionals in certain industries can have problems, like proving their income. Have you found yourself in one of these situations? • You are self-employed, with a variable income • You are the director of a limited company • You are contracting, or have recently come out of contracting • Your pay structure means that your income varies year upon year Even if the reality is that you are earning a fantastic income as an individual, it can be frustrating and seemingly impossible at times to explain the complexities of how you are remunerated, and your true earning potential, to a mortgage lender.

We work in partnership with mortgage brokers that understand the intricacies of contracting and self-employment. They follow a straightforward process to assist professionals in sourcing and securing competitive mortgages and ensure that none of your earnings are ignored when assessing your true level of mortgage affordability.


Our mortgage partners have successfully arranged the securing of mortgages for thousands of individuals that have been unable to find a direct mortgage solution themselves


The personalised service aims to solve the problems that anyone could face as an individual. Regardless of your situation, they can support you with: • Purchasing your first property • Moving house • Re-mortgaging • Impartial, whole-of-market advice • Purchasing a Buy-to-Let property • Insurance – Buildings and Contents • Conveyancing.

Our mortgage specialists work to educate the lenders on the reality of your circumstances, explaining to them in ways that they will understand that you are actually a lower risk candidate than they might be thinking. They don’t want you to go through the formal mortgage application process and be turned down, so they do the initial work to ensure that that won’t happen.

The mortgage suppliers they work with are some of the biggest names on the market and they have specific underwriting agreements in place with them, tailored specifically for people that are in your situation. It is quite likely that they can secure you an offer of a mortgage at the same competitive rates that you have seen on the high-street, without the need to prove your earnings through complex documentation. For further details of how they can help you secure the mortgage you had previously thought was impossible, get in touch – it’s free or contact them direct here!